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    Fat Heads Creative Studio Ltd.

    Fat Heads Creative Studio Ltd.

    47 Chorlton Street
    M1 47 Chorlton Street
    United Kingdom
  • +44 (0)7901 758 190
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  • Type of budgets we typically work with: £100 - £3,000

    E-commerce solutions, e-marketing design and implementation, direct mail design and brand/corporate identity design.


    Let's keep it simple…

    What do Fat Heads do?

    Fat Heads Creative Studio Ltd is a digital and print design agency. The two core services that we specialise in are bespoke web design/development and brochure design. Fat Heads also offers an extended design service which includes e-commerce solutions, e-marketing design and implementation, direct mail design and brand/corporate identity design.

    Where is Fat Heads located?

    We're based in Manchester. Fat Heads primarily services businesses in and around the city as well as the surrounding Greater Manchester area. However, we are also proud to have produced an immense amount of work for clients throughout the North West of England, United Kingdom and even internationally.

    How long has Fat Heads been around?

    Fat Heads was established in 2007 and became a Limited company in 2008. It's founding members have actually been in a working design partnership since 2003.

    Who are these Fat Heads?

    We're a friendly bunch of hard-working and passionate individuals. Being a small agency filled with big personalities helps us to develop a warm, personal relationship with our clients. We're approachable and enthusiastic. We are as eager to learn as much from our clients as we can teach them. Meet the team to learn more about us.

    Who are Fat Heads' clients?

    Our clients come in all different shapes and sizes from both the public and private sector, from small local start-ups to multi-national corporations. We see no benefit in being elitist when it comes to dealing with clients, we only see the value in making them more successful and helping them to communicate more effectively. Fat Heads' focus is provide the right solution for it's clients whoever they may be.

    Why are you called Fat Heads?

    That's an easy one…but we'll only tell you that once you've joined our ever-expanding list of satisfied clients.