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  • Hashbang Object Overview

    Hashbang Object javascript library allows you to work intuitively with "#!" hashbang (shebang) URLs.

    Hashbang Object javascript enables easy implementation of stateful AJAX pages. Stateful AJAX pages display the same content whenever accessed directly.

    Hashbang Object provides you with plain javascript object window.hashbang where you can store your stateful information. Anything you store into this object will cause URL hash to be automatically updated with serialized window.hashbang object..

    And vice versa any change to URL hash will be reflected in window.hashbang object.

    Example How It Works

    Just include hashbang.min.js javascript file on your page.

    <script src="my-directory-somewhere/hashbang.min.js"></script>
      window.hashbang.gallery=[11, 12];

    This javascript code will cause URL hash part to change to #!gallery[]=11&gallery[]=12&zoom=2

    When user revisits the page with the same URL hash the window.hashbang object will restore the previously stored values.

    It is really that simple!


    multi-application support
    If you have multiple javascript applications that need to capture their state they will not interfere one with another. For example Video Gallery of yours can capture the information about selected video into URL hash without destroying information stored in URL by your Image Gallery.
    native javascript object representation
    You don't need to worry about URL hash serialization and parsing. You just use simple javascript object to store your values and read previously stored values from. The rest is handled automatically.

    Use Case Example

    John has a website with javascript-driven gallery where user can choose multiple images. John would like to allow visitors to select images and then share the URL of the page with friends while somehow magically having the URL capture what images were selected for others to see.

    That is where Hashbang Object javascript comes in.

    John programs his gallery so whenever an image is selected he stores image id into Hashbang Object.

    function onSelect(imageId) {

    That is all! Everything you store in window.hashbang object will get serialized into URL so when the URL is shared with friends it carries everything you have previously stored in window.hashbang object.

    In this case after the user selects multiple images the URL will look for example like this: http://example.com/#gallery[]=9&gallery[]=1&gallery[]=4 .

    When this URL is shared and friend visits the page the window.hashbang.gallery array will contain the previously stored values so you can preselect the same images upon page load.


    This javascript is framework-independent library and can be used with or without any javascript framework like jQuery, AngularJS, Dojo, MooTools or DHTMLX.

    All modern browsers from IE8 up. You have to include jQuery on the page for IE8 in order to use events.


    You can listen to following events on window object:

    • hashbang-parse - upon load and URL hash change and window.hashbang object update.
    • hashbang-serialize - upon window.hashbang object change and URL hash update.

    Advanced Configuration

    If you want to use '#' insead of '#!' then run the code window.hashbangSeparator="#"; before you include hashbang script.


    Two usefull functions are provided for creation and parsing of hashbang hashes:

    • window.hashbangParse(hash):object
    • window.hashbangSerialize(object):hash


    $(link).attr('href', window.hashbangSerialize({"a": 1, "b": 2}));
    var info=window.hashbangParse("#!gallery[]=11&gallery[]=12&zoom=2");