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Elixon Tooltip 2

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  • Overview

    Elixon Tooltip is a jQuery plugin for displaying bubbles with rich HTML content. Bubbles can be attached to any element on various events like hover or click.


    • Pure CSS without any images.
    • Support for different inbuilt color schemes.
    • Easy to tweak the appearance with just CSS.
    • Easy to attach to any element.
    • Embed any elements inside the Tooltip (forms, images, videos, iframes...)
    • Supports for generated content through inline HTML or callbacks.
    • Programmer can easly trigger showing/hidding using inbuilt easy-to use commands.
    • Advanced positioning control.
    • Automatic positioning. Let the inbuilt intelligent logic select the best position for you to avoid overleaping with other dynamic objects on the screen like form fields, images, other bubbles etc.
    • Support for bubbles inside bubbles (for examle error bubbles for form fields embedded in parent bubble).
    • Timed bubbles. Bubble can hide automatically after specified amount of time.
    • Position hinting using CSS classes. You don't need to specify explicitly the position of the bubble. You can specify that all bubbles shown inside any element (for example footer) will be displayed for example always above the element. While bubbles for header menu will be shown always bellow.
    • Support for defaults. You can set default settings on per-page bases. For example default content, color scheme etc. so you don't need to specify these everytime you call $.et() method.
    • Support for bubble groups. Any bubble can belong to any number of groups. Only one bubble from any group can be displayed at the time.
    • Suport for multiple show/hide effects show, fade, slide or you can create your own show/hide effect by passing a simple effect callback to the Elixon Tooltip.


    Works in all modern browsers. Backwards compatible with older browsers (graceful degradation) including IE6.

    Elixon Tooltip browser compatibility